Global-e Cross-Border Ecommerce Solution

Global-e cross-border ecommerce solution

Global-e provides an end-to-end solution for selling internationally and takes the pain out of cross-border ecommerce. If you’ve tried expanding your business internationally, you’ll understand how the complexities around regulations, tax, shipping and returns can soon take the wind out of your sails. Global-e provides a straightforward integration with your Shopify store to simplify international sales.

Global-e Cross-Border Ecommerce

Once a customer has added their products to the basket, Global-e takes over allowing you to focus on marketing your products, while Global-e does the rest, including:

  • Global-e’s integration with Shopify provides a localised checkout and multiple currencies and payment methods.
  • Taxes and duties are calculated upfront ensuring there are no surprises from the customer’s point of view.
  • Global-e becomes the Merchant of Record – meaning that as soon as the courier has picked up the shipments, Global-e becomes responsible for that package, including delivery and returns.
  • You benefit from Global-e’s economies of scale when it comes to shipping costs.

In order to be eligible for the Global-e solution, you are required to be generating more than $50,000 a year of international sales. If that’s the case for you, you can expect a significant uplift in the conversion rate on your international sites and enjoy the corresponding uptick in revenue.

Global-e’s Localised Checkout

Global-e provides a localised checkout complete with multiple currencies and payment methods tailored to the local market.

When it comes to conversion rate optimisation getting customers through the checkout is key. Anything that makes the customer’s experience more difficult will increase the likelihood that they abandon the cart. For international customers this can be a language barrier, the wrong currency or an unfamiliar payment method.

Global-e’s checkout is translated into most common languages and caters for the most popular localised payment methods in virtually every currency.

Simplifying Tax & Duties

Global-e’s solution presents tax and duties costs upfront and guarantees that the customer will not pay a penny more than is displayed at checkout. In the event that the final tax is greater than quoted, Global-e will bear the cost.

For you, the merchant, this is hugely beneficial. The cost of unforeseen taxes and duties can make a significant dent in your profits. Indeed, a big impact of BREXIT has been the introduction of duties and taxes between the UK and the EU. And when customers are charged the wrong amounts it results in more customer support enquiries to deal with.

By making sure that the correct taxes and duties are charged across all your target markets gives you the peace of mind to confidently expand your geographic reach and grow your business.

Global-e becomes the Merchant of Record

The Global-e solution replaces your existing checkout with a localised checkout in the customer’s language and currency. Global-e then takes the payment and you print the shipping label via the Globe-e portal. As soon as the courier has picked up the package, Global-e becomes responsible for it. It effectively becomes the owner of the shipment, or Merchant of Record. And Global-e are not only responsible for delivery but also returns.

Get Better Shipping Rates

Global-e have secured favourable delivery rates through the sheer volume of sales that go through their accounts. By partnering with Global-e you can benefit from these and pass on the saving to your customers. You’ll also be able to offer your customers a wide variety of delivery options, from express shipping to collection points and cash on delivery, all at Global-e’s competitive rates.

We know that shipping costs are a major barrier to conversion – with Global-e you can lower your rates and increase your sales.

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