The Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Shopify gives you what you need to run a successful ecommerce store straight out of the box, but if you want to fast-track your business growth, you’re going to need to extend the core functionality a bit. For that you’ll need some apps. Here are the best Shopify apps we have used to increase sales (and we’ve used a few!):

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo isn’t just email marketing, it’s a customer growth platform designed to help you turn one–time visitors into customers for life.

With Klaviyo, you use behavioural targeting to send highly relevant, well–timed email and SMS messages that increase both customer acquisition and lifetime value. And, prebuilt templates and automated email flows make getting setup quick and easy.

With its deep integration via the Shopify API, Klaviyo is certainly one of the best Shopify apps and probably the first app you should install to grow your sales.

Rebuy Personalised Upsells & Cross-Sells

Fuel growth with a new breed of data-driven personalization and merchandizing solutions that turns intelligence into revenue generating actions today!

  • Real-time personalization & recommendations
  • Dynamic offers, cross-sells, upsells, buy it again
  • Automated subscriber churn win-backs

Yotpo Reviews & Loyalty

Yotpo is an ecommerce marketing platform with the most advanced solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing.

Including customer reviews alongside your products is a fantastic way to provide social proof and increase conversion rate. With Yotpo, you can incentivise your customers to leave reviews and display on your website, in your emails and in your social ads.

Yotpo’s Loyalty & Referral program is geared towards increasing the customer lifetime value and make your marketing budget go further by leveraging word-of-mouth marketing.

SEO Manager

SEO Manager makes it easy for you to carry out the essential search engine optimisation tasks that will help your store rank better in search engines. The app allows you to take control of how search engines see your store, which translates into more organic traffic and a lower cost per acquisition.

Gorgias Customer Service

Gorgias is a customer service helpdesk designed specifically for ecommerce stores on the Shopify platform. It allows your customer service team to manage all their support channels, including email, Facebook, Instagram, chat and SMS, in one place.

With advanced automation and machine learning, Gorgias will increase agent efficiency and improve customer experience. And, by automating simple tasks and freeing agent time to focus on more high value enquiries, Gorgias will help increase sales (which you can track with the built-in analytics).

GRIN Influencer Management

Your customers spend their free time scrolling through feeds of content from friends, co-workers, athletes, artists, podcasters, and more. GRIN helps you reach your customers through creators via their influencer management platform.

When you have a system in place to work with the best influencers for your brand, you reduce customer acquisition cost, increase loyalty and build brand value faster.

Justuno Pop-Ups

Optimise and convert your website traffic with Justuno’s personalised pop-ups and on-site messaging.

Use Justuno’s high-converting email and SMS collection pop-ups to grow your list and build the foundation for segmented marketing experiences designed to convert your visitors into customers.

Justuno’s advanced targeting rules allow you to control where, when, and how your pop-up is displayed, so you can segment your promotions for optimum results.

Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge allows you to create and scale your business through recurring orders and subscriptions.

It’s the leading subscription solution on the Shopify platform and has the backing of a great community and support.

Recharge’s flexible and powerful system helps bring engaging subscription offers to the market and in-depth analytics to empower your decision-making.

accessibe WCAG &
ADA Compliance

accessiBe is a web accessibility solution for WCAG and ADA compliance. This includes making your site accessible to visually impaired users and making it seizure and ADHD safe.

Non-compliant ecommerce stores make easy pickings for US lawsuits, but they also stand the most to gain when they do offer a solution.

Around 20% of users have some kind of condition that prevents them from using a non-compliant site, and once those 20% find brands that do cater for them, they tend to be very loyal.

Shopify Apps FAQ

How many Shopify apps are there?

There are now over 7,000 apps in the Shopify app store organised into 9 different categories: 1. Sourcing and selling products, 2. Store design, 3. Merchandising, 4. Marketing, 5. Conversion, 6. Fulfilment, 7. Shipping and delivery, 8. Customer service, 9. Store management

Is it possible to have too many Shopify apps installed?

Yes it is, as too many apps will slow your site down. But it’s important to remember that not all apps are created equally. Some are lightweight and will have very little to no impact on page load times, whereas others are code heavy and will have a major effect on site speed. So, it’s best to be selective about the apps you do install, making sure they really do add value. And, remember to remove any apps you’re no longer using – sometimes you’ll need to contact the app developer to make sure all the rogue snippets of code are removed as well.