Ecommerce Website Copywriting

Writing effective website copy and content is a key skill to have in your in-house ecommerce team. Every category, Shopify collection, product page, brand page and blog post is an opportunity to build trust with your visitors and turn browsers into buyers.

By spending time on your website copywriting and optimising titles and descriptions, you’ll remove the ability for potential customers to say “no” to your offer. Or to click away to seek out the information that’s missing from your website, never to return. You’re investment in time to do things the right way will be returned to you in increased sales many, many times over.

Ecommerce Website Copywriting

It’s easy to overlook the importance of great copywriting for your ecommerce store. In their excitement to get a product live and start selling, many store owners will publish a bare-bones description paying little attention to keywords or the reasons to choose their product over a competitor’s.

Worse still, some resellers or distributors will simply copy and paste the product title and description from the brand’s site (along with hundreds of other resellers), offering no additional value and not differentiating in any way.